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We already have more than half a century of global presence. We have been protecting assets, people and reputations for over fifty years with an effective, continuous and integrated method.

But the time has come for a new challenge. With a new identity, we reinforce even more all of our attributes: efficiency, closeness, firmness and confidence.

We are moved by creativity and sophistication. Always with precision and technical rigor. Meet the new Risk Consulting Group: RCG Powered by Herco.

RCG- Risk Consulting Group


Brazil exports smiles, joys, energy and enthusiasm. It brings greenery to the world and paints it with vibrant colours.
It exports commodities and more: athletes, culture, science, entrepreneurship, critical thinking.

And it exported Herco, a pioneer company in the country in risk consulting, which deconstructed stereotypes and became a reference for the quality of delivery and the high technical level of its employees.

Almost half a century of a unique history throughout the country. We saw and experienced joys and sorrows with the Brazilians. We cry and laugh together. We went through the redemocratization of the nation. We have survived government changes, inflationary crises and political turmoil.

We have seen the country become a five-time champion in world soccer. Being admired by the whole world. And we have grieved with the fateful 7 × 1 on July 8th, 2014.

We live in the moment when Brazil became a global model in the manufacture of vaccines. It started exporting pioneering technology to more than 70 countries. And we suffered one of the main environmental tragedies in the world, in Mariana, on November 5, 2015.

At all times, Herco was present. Roads, industries, companies, buildings, cultures and people. We have grown, we have conquered markets, we have overcome many challenges. And we have expanded our operations overseas.

From Brasil to the world. We become a global company. South, Central and North America, Europe and Africa: we are moving to protect their people and their needs.

We transform risks into strategic growth opportunities. We have the accuracy in our DNA. We offer innovative solutions for different risks, segments and companies. We protect assets. We protect reputation. We protect people. We protect the future.

The time has come for a new challenge. With a new identity, we further reinforce all of our attributes: efficiency, proximity, solidity and trust.

We're experienced yet creative, using our technical expertise, to bring great minds and technology together.

We are Minds & Technology. We are the Risk Consulting Group: RCG powered by Herco.

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